PreSonus Studio One

I had a little test run with this DAW last night, not long only about an hour but it looks very promising! Looks nice and seems easy enough to navigate... almost everything is drag and drop which keeps things simple.

This very well could be a DAW to keep your eyes's young but I've heard some good things about it. Comparisons to Logic Pro have been made. I' have never tried Logic as I am a windows user but I have heard amazing things about that too. At my first glance I saw a lot of similarities to wouldn't be bad if it was like that either.

Hopefully those comparisons are true. Tonight I will delve a little deeper into it and see what's in there, one thing I did notice was the terrible VST it came with... very weaks sounds... probably even worse than FL stock sounds... but I'm hoping the actual workstation lives up to my expectations because if you are like me, and have all your 3rd party plugins already, then the stock is just extra and it won't bother you.

I let you know how it goes!