About Cubase

I'm not going to go too deep in to these "About's" because these aren't reviews and if you are reading this then you already have either FL or Cubase and came to learn. so.

First off, I will talk about the way Cubase looks. It's much easier on the eye than FL's dull grey exterior with a nice bright white and blue mask. Now... I think everyone knows FL is known to be user friendly, easy to pick up and find what you are looking for instantly but...Cubase is not that far behind in this category. Once you know where everything lies you will have no problems navigating your way around...and quickly.

Cubase comes with pretty good VST's to start with and you can always add others just like FL. Halion is a great VST with a whole bunch of decent sounds ranging from bass to piano and strings to lead synths. Plugins such as the GrooveAgentOne are also very useful, it's MPC like looks are easy to understand with a screen display for all adjustments makes everything so clear and easy to understand. I use this plugin all the time and insert the beat designer to make my drums which I have made a video on.

My opinion on Cubase is... it's up there with the best of them The sound quality in Cubase is GREAT and you will notice this straight away...  anybody looking for a great DAW will not be disappointed in this product.


Andrey said...

Will be good and useful if you’ll do some tutorial of Molar VSTi use in Cubase 5 for beginners in Molar.

Cagney said...

Is this an outsde vst or did cubase come with it?... because I can't see it in my vst devices. So I haven't used it at all I barely use any vst except halion that came with Cubase... I did do a search for a tutorial on molar though I will post it for you and hope it helps!