Downloads:Set 1

20 SnaresA few nice snares in this kit but nothing amazing, definitely useful though. 
24 Nas Samples Kit These sounds are crisp and clear, I like the kicks and snares in this Nas kit.
9th Wonder Kit I like Wonders beats and I like this kit , it has a lot of useful snares and hi hats. The kicks aren't the best I've come across but they aren't bad either. A must download for the snares alone
Eminem Kit Highlight of this Eminem kit is a couple of the bass drum hits and the snares. Most of the sounds come direct from Eminems tracks and you can tell...I guess it's up to you if that is a bad thing.
House & Electro Kicks Kit It's called house and electro kicks but most of these could be usedfor any genre. not terrible at all.

Industry KitThis kit just didn't do anything for me, there was however one bright spark in this kit and that is the "joey string". The rest of the kit just wasn't for me but... you may disagree.
Jazze Pha KitI think I disliked this kit even more than the Industry perhaps could find something useful in it.
The Light Kit One or two of the kicks I have found useful in the past.

More downloads and reviews on their way!