About FL Studio

FL Studio is a GREAT beginners DAW. It's very simple and user friendly, however...for this reason it has a bad reputation. A lot of people put down FL for sounding cheap and "like a toy" this is somewhat true but.... this also has a lot to do with the stock sounds it comes with which to be honest are utter rubbish. I don't think I have ever used ANY of the stock instruments or synths that it comes with.

It's all about VST's which like I said in my welcome post we will get to in due time. When you finally get some nice sounds you will be suprised what FL Studio is capable of. If your tracks have bad, cheap, toyish sounds the average guy on the street WILL NOT like your beat, it doesnt matter if the melody is hot or not. The sound of the track is the first thing people notice and if it has bad sounds instinctively they will be like "wtf is this? it sounds terrible". If they hear clear, crisp and nice sounds they will just move their attention to the actual song and then decide if they like it dependent on the track as a whole... so sounds are VERY IMPORTANT.

I think why people dislike FL is because a lot of the time you can tell it was made in FL. If you listen to  beats made on FL and then listen to some made on another DAW you will be able to notice a difference. I hear some tracks sometimes where the producer doesn't like to reveal the DAW he is using but to my ears I can tell it was made on FL.

Now I have also heard some that I couldn't tell it was made on FL so is it the producer or the DAW that makes them sound that way? That question I don't ever think will be answered because it's all opinion.

My opinion on FL is....it's a  great beginners DAW or a great DAW for people who are midly interested in making tracks at home for fun and a hobby. I like FL overall and I still use it sometimes and I think I always will but I would never fully go back to it. It's easy to learn  but if you're planning on trying to making a living from music production i would suggest another DAW which we will also come to later.